One Morning in Maine

To end our 2018 summer with something adventurous, Erica asked to visit Maine before our first son Rajiv heads off to college.  Little did we know we will be experiencing a slice of quaint everyday life in Maine portrayed in children’s picture books by Robert McCloskey. – both One Morning in Maine and Blueberries for Sal . Erica had read these books to our kids so many times, she picked them back up after we got home to review its picturesque beauty.

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Exploring Frisco and Sierra Nevada

Our family decided to make “Let’s go to San Francisco” our 2018 spring-break adventure like the 1960’s song from the British pop group The Flower Pot Men.  The plan was to mix up both city strolling and wilderness hikes for this trip into the Bay Area.  It was our plan to do this before we got into the years when spring breaks for our kids will be like looking for star-aligning!.  Rajiv heads to college coming fall,  Kiran will be a high school senior, Pori will be in 8th grade.

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Mon voyage en Côte d’Ivoire

It seems unlikely for an American traveler to have experienced the hospitality and cheerfulness found in Côte d’Ivoire.  Ivory Coast is a country tucked in west Africa sharing the Gulf of Guinea’s beautiful shores with a number of west African neighbors. I got an opportunity to serve along with CERT’s international team to work to support efforts of this growing African nation in building a secure Internet.

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Primo Pluviam – the first rain

– A poem about the first rain, as God Almighty appeals to the Dominos Aqua – The Lord of Water by Vijay Sarvepalli

What is your injunction, why have you summoned me?
I carry your orders to keep this earth fertile
Have you more things for me now set aside.

I the Lord of heaven and earth am also the Lord God of justice
My eyes cannot stand evil, I regret man that I have made,
whose thoughts are continually vile
his actions make all this beauty now to become futile
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Galápagos Islands – endemic and unique ecosystem

View from Tijeretas – San Cristobal

Kiran (my son) and I got to visit the Galápagos Islands –  a fascinating archipelago admired for its unique collection of species and its exclusive ecosystem.  Darwin’s exceptional work in “Origin of Species … ” started with endemic (unique to one location) nature of species he found in each of these islands. Continue reading “Galápagos Islands – endemic and unique ecosystem”